The World Is Yours – new exhibition in Art Walk

An unusual video-art exhibition starts in the Art Walk Gallery. The World Is Yours exhibition is based on newly developed relationships in a place, which has the business as its driving force. The exhibition will be held from December 6th to February 28th at Europejski Square in Warsaw. On December 6th, at 5:30 p.m., the exhibition’s curator Jakub Słomkowski will lead an open, curator tour (free entry).

In the first half of 2017 the Art in the City Foundation in cooperation with Ghelamco Poland held a contest concerning an artistic project – an exhibition concept for the Art Walk Gallery situated on the European Square in Warsaw (Art Walk Open Call 2017).

The jury has unanimously chosen the project “Świat należy do Ciebie” (“The World Is Yours”) by Jakub Słomkowski. The author was praised by the idea of an exhibition based on physical, functional and symbolic relations that the gallery builds between the artistic world and the business realm, which would be accomplished by a group of invited artists. The core of the exhibition “Świat należy do Ciebie” is a redefinition of the corporate space using tools of both art and advertising. The artists propose anew some products, services or concepts rooted deeply in the office space and relations.

“The exhibition “Świat należy do Ciebie” is a long-distance process – some artists have planned their activity for the 3-month-period, which encompasses the total duration of the exhibition. The invited artists can choose between 20 display windows as well as use the space provided by a nearby skyscraper Warsaw Spire. The context of the place with the opportunities created by the location plays the main role in raising interest and involvement of all the participants. Perhaps it will lead to a new network of connections and cooperation resembling the corporate body that would be driven, though, by a reflection. The exhibition is also supposed to spark a discussion on the role of an artist that is in-between the world of visual arts and the commercial one.