Art of the City. About a square, on a square. III

On 19-20 November 2016 the third edition of free design workshop entitled “Art of the City. About a square on a square” („Sztuka miasta. O placu na placu”) took place. It was organised by the Sztuka w Mieście Foundation in cooperation with Mazowsze branch of Polish Society of Landscape Architects.

The project consisted of a series of 4 two-day, interdisciplinary design workshops. The task focused on the matters of building and using squares in the city was supposed to develop the creative thinking abilities in the process of becoming aware of the space and shaping it. The workshop was unique thanks to the original way it was conducted – by a duo of a DESIGNER, landscape architect and an ARTIST along with an original syllabus supporting the multidirectional development of art, manual and space-related competences of the attendees.

The attendees of the workshop entitled “What is a square made of? Urban building material” learned about the techniques and materials available for models and mock-ups creation, over the course of two days filled with intense work. We worked with styrodur, PCV, cardboard, quick-setting cement, foam, plasticine and promarkers among others.

The result was a 1:200 scale mock-up of the Europejski Square as well as six designs and models of benches (in 1:200 and 1:10 scales) dedicated to specific recipients of the square (such as families with children, cyclists, office workers, Art Walk audience and any other recipients – hence the ‘integration’ bench)

The workshop was conducted by Maja Skibińska and Marcela Kawka.

2-5 Maja is a landscape architect with more than a dozen years of experience. She prefers working on public spaces, playgrounds and on unusual subjects. Since 2008 she has been running educational classes about architectural design, dedicated both to children and adults. In 2015 she earned her PhD in urban furniture in the city landscape at the Department of Landscape Art (SGGW in Warsaw) with which she has been collaborating for more than eight years. She is the co-founder of Terenowa PArK Landscape Architecture Workshop.


Marcela is a product and visual communication designer. She graduated from Industrial Design Department at ASP in Warsaw. She runs Locomotif Design Studio. She focuses on designing new products for the market, preparing corporate identities, supervising implementations and providing consulting services on implementation of design strategies. Her portfolio includes designs of furniture, electronic devices, packaging, small architecture, visual identity and POS and POP objects. She collaborated with Culture Shock Foundation on design related projects – together with Paulina Jędrzejewska, she has conducted three cycles of workshops entitled “Rzeczoznawcy”, „MediaLab Senior” and „Urban laboratory: Skarpa Warszawska”.


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