PARKing in Sowińkski Park

On June, 23-24th 2015 the foundation conducted – together with the authorities of Wola district – a two day design workshop entitled “Recreation zone in Józef Sowiński park in Wola”. The workshop was dedicated to the students from the Stefan Bryła 24th Group of Schools in Warsaw.

The aim of the “PARKowanie” event was to conduct a workshop for the students of one of the schools from Wola and then to professionalise the results along with dissemination and promotion of the project among the inhabitants of Wola and the city of Warsaw.

The name “PARKowanie” (PARKing) is a word play. It can be perceived in several different ways. PARKowanie can mean spending time in the park, the process of stopping, which refers to relaxing on a lawn in a square or a park. PARKing means also each activity we can do in the park: running, walking, playing, relaxing, listening, looking, reading, tasting etc.

Maja Skibińska (The Department of Landscape Art at Warsaw University of Life Sciences), Marzena Popielarczyk MSc Eng (Werbena Art), and foundation’s operations coordinator, Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska MSc Eng (The Department of Landscape Art at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Sztuka w Mieście Foundation) were the consultants and leaders of the project.

Three project teams composed of students participated in the workshop. The teams consisted of the following members: team I (Marta Dąbrowska, Karolina Krępska, Ewa Kucharska, Katarzyna Rowicka, Elwira Zakrzewska) team II (Magda Błaszczyk, Filip Sieńczewski, Natalia Wądołkowska, Karolina Wrońska), team III (Patrycja Białowąs, Krystian Sikorski, Jakub Szałański, Artur Wyłupek).

The starting point for the workshop was a contest organised by the Wola Local Authorities in 2014, entitled “Shaping the recreation and leisure space in the south-western part of the gen. Józef Sowiński Park”. The workshop focused around the winning project by Magda Błaszczyk (one of the attendees of the workshop) – her design became the inspiration for the workshop works.

Project teams prepared a design through 4 types of design exercises:
ACTIVITIES – What do we do in the park?
COMPOSITION – In search of the form of a square
THEME – Square’s identity
FURNITURE CATALOGUE – Urban furniture for the square
The ideas the teams came up with were then presented in a form of drawings made by the painter Chris Hernandez.

2-4Chris Hernandez
Born in 1974. Graduated from Southwest Texas State University, Magna Cum Laude. Studied metalwork and painting. Over the years he adapted a more narrative take on the paintings making geography, entropy, construction and deconstruction his main topics. Widely exhibited in USA and Poland.


Chris Hernandez's drawings

Scaled sunbeds

The introduction of the element distinguishing the area in the form of a scaled urban furniture.

Zoning with hedges

The division of the spatial development of the area into separate interior with green - trimmed hedges of varying heights.

Plants theme

Shaping the identity space using a common template - plant theme (flower and stem of the rose) - introduced its furnishings.

Triangle theme

The use of triangular forms in shaping the composition of space and its equipment - for example wooden, triangular platform with seats.

Hidden bench

The creation of the closed-alone hedges space, which will become a lonely bench. Place thoughtful, intimate meetings, hidden space.

Writing wall

Construction of the array to draw, on which you can draw both standing and sitting.

Triangle easles

Setting in the field easels, on which it will be possible to set your own canvas, blocks, boxes, drawing sheets.

Triangle deck

Construction of the small stage - the platform, which is the counterbalance to the big amphitheater. It will be a space for small, impromptu speeches, and also a place where you can practice, sit, lie down, read a book.

Sloping grass wave

Lay of the land fall in the form of a green wave sloping toward the lawn with wooden platforms. The wave can be used as a place of sitting, lying down, children's play area.

Underlit furniture

The unification of the elements spatial development by introducing an element of the illumination in the same color.

Food zones

The creation of the zone - a fragment of the designed space - which will be embedded edible plants.


Introduction to space tables for games built in a more or less conventional manner.

Huge swing

Installing a large swings in the proposed space.

Three zones

Color marking of urban furniture used in the designed space in one of three planned zones - are eating, exercise area and a rest zone.

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